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If you look on the U.S. government’s “Let’s Move” website, which promotes the importance of physical activity for young people, you will find that it says this:

It’s the moment every parent dreads: the phone call from the school principal that you need to discuss your child’s behavior. Here we go again, I thought, my stomach souring. To make matters worse, school meetings are always way too early, and you have to sit in those dumb kiddie chairs, just inches from the floor. It was like I was back in school being scolded by the principal.

Felicia Burg initially believed her son Landon Larson had cerebral palsy.

He attended physical therapy where he worked with therapist as though he had the movement disorder.

TAZEWELL COUNTY — A “silver tsunami” that began five years ago when the first wave of America’s baby boomers began turning 65 has led to an increasing number of older drivers on the road.

A rehabilitation gym at the Kennedy Krieger Institute was once a play space for Morgan Dunnigan and Grace Meek.

SUPERIOR — An exercise protocol for Parkinson’s disease patients at Brodstone Memorial Hospital here may make a BIG difference in their quality of life.

When people find out that I’m going back to school for occupational therapy, I usually get one of two responses. “What is that?” “Oh, you help people find jobs!” I’ve also been called a physical therapist, a nurse and a job coach. While we can work in rehab centers and hospitals, our focus is broader than just those locations.

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